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Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area

Customer Testimonials

Our team at Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area (WSRCA) is here to help.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide workforce solutions for job seekers, and employers, as well as child care assistance for working families.

We’re excited to help fuel the economies of our communities by empowering Rural Capital Area employers to grow their operations, with a talented, world-class workforce of all ages and abilities, that continues to upskill to meet industry demands.

See and hear directly from real WSRCA customers about how they benefited from connecting with our amazing team:

Employer Experiences

Workforce Customer Experiences


Dawn Schneider

Eva Castillo

Eva Castillo

Wsrca 2022 02 14 15h01m37s243

Omid Faqeeri

Wsrca 2021 12 03 09h56m37s963

Ivan Hernandez

Wsrca 2021 09 24 09h55m09s007

Kristen Eck

Aziz Shakarzahi

Aziz Shakarzahi

Siciliy Brewer

Sicily Brewer

Vlcsnap 2021 07 30 10h49m43s857

Adrian Gonzales

Mia Diaz

Mia Diaz

Kristan Flores

Kristan Flores

Vlcsnap 2021 04 20 11h23m15s916

Marisol Garcia

Andrea Summers

Andrea Summers

Vlcsnap 2021 02 08 15h01m07s940

Dane Cunningham

Vlcsnap 2021 02 02 16h07m31s511

Midhat Omer

Vlcsnap 2021 01 15 11h21m50s356

Harris Schanhaut

Vlcsnap 2021 02 01 12h29m48s463


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Workshop Survey Reviews: Part 2

More WSRCA Customer Experiences:

Wesley Cotton

Wesley Cotton

Lemuel McElroy

Lemuel McElroy

Lonique Steele

Lonique Steele

Katrina Garcia

WSRCA Customer Katrina Garcia

Alexis Solano

Customer Testimonial Alexis Solano

Marlana Newble

Customer Testimonial Marlana Newble

Abuelgaith Abdalla

WSRCA Customer Abuelgaithe Abdalla

Colin Doyle

WSRCA Customer Testimonial: Colin Doyle

Whitney Norman

WSRCA Customer Testimonial: Whitney Norman

Jack Smith

WSRCA Customer Jack Smith

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