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Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area

Workforce Board

Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area is funded and empowered by the Texas Workforce Commission to make clear decisions concerning the direction and future of workforce development programs for the Rural Capital Workforce Development Area of Texas.

Our Vision

Our employers will have a highly skilled and educated workforce and our residents will have the competencies, skills and education to become selfsufficient and live a quality life.

Our Mission

Preserve our integrated, employer-driven workforce system by actively involving employers in workforce decisions that allows them to: identify labor and economic trends, define skills and training standards and hire high skilled workers, while simultaneously providing job seekers with information, advice, job search assistance, supportive services, and training in the employer identified industries and occupations so they will attain cutting edge skills that will lead to self-sufficient employment.

Our Values

  • Commitment: We embrace our mission, vision and values. 
  • Professionalism: We welcome diversity and treat everyone with respect, dignity and courtesy. 
  • Quality: We have a passion for our customers and partners. We are self-critical, questioning and committed to providing accessible, accurate, complete and timely services. 
  • Integrity: We are accountable, honest and trustworthy. 
  • Leadership: We have the courage to lead change and shape the future. 
  • Teamwork: We work better together. We share our ideas and talents to find the best solutions. We support and rely on each other. We value clear and open communication. We make everyone better.

Rural Capital’s mission, vision and values communicate and guide our efforts toward regional economic growth and family self-sufficiency. We are committed to planning and working collaboratively with all of our program partners, economic development corporations, chambers of commerce, independent school districts, regional universities and community colleges, training providers, employers and job seekers. We greatly value every partner’s contribution and are working very hard to ensure the smooth integration of our newest partners—Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1. Enhance and sustain the integrated career development system.


  • Provide guidance and assistance to the one-stop contractor and one-stop partners to improve their efforts in conducting operational planning designed to enhance the delivery of services to employers and job seekers.
  • Develop a one-stop organizational structure that defines the roles, relationships and responsibilities of state, and local partners.
  • Implement policies and procedures designed to provide better information sharing, job efficiencies, and more effective service delivery.
  • Continue and enhance cross training of one-stop personnel.

Goal 2. Increase the number of employers using one-stop services.


  • Connect workforce development with economic development.
  • Provide targeted, customized services to meet employers' needs.
  • Increase entrepreneurial training for business owners in High Growth, High Demand Industries.
  • Arrange seminars, roundtables and workshops on topics requested by employers.

Goal 3. Increase incumbent worker training opportunities for small and mid-size employers.


  • Expand customized training programs for expanding businesses.
  • Become proactive and flexible in helping employers identify their training needs.
  • Become a "broker" for employers by assisting them to leverage training resources-Skills Development Grants.

Goal 4. Inform and educate employers and job seekers about the services available at the one-stop centers.


  • Conduct marketing activities that focus on the one-stop services that are available to employers and job seekers.
  • Conduct information campaigns with local Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Councils and Independent School Districts to encourage more Youth to prepare for High Growth, High Demand careers.

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