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Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area

Our Services

It's true that sometimes a new job or career can simply fall into your lap. But for most of us, finding work requires more effort than this. That's why our offices in the nine-county Rural Capital Area provide a variety of no-cost services that greatly improve a job seeker's chances of finding employment.

Service Catalog

Since many of the resources available in our offices are designed to be used independently, job seekers have the option of browsing a wealth of career and job search information in both the printed and video format.

Some examples of topics covered by the books & videos in our Career Information Library are:

  • Job Search Techniques
  • Job Search Tips for People with Disabilities
  • Resume Writing and Cover Letters
  • The Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples
  • America’s Top Resumes for America’s Top Jobs
  • Blue Collar & Beyond: Resumes for Skilled Trades and Services
  • Interview with Confidence
  • And more…

For more information about the specific publications available, visit or contact one of our offices nearest you.