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Celebrate Children's Picture Book Day with Your Child at Your Local Library

Kristin Wise
Mar 27, 2024
Posted by: Kristin Wise

Celebrate Children's Picture Book Day with Your Child at Your Local Library

Hey there, bookworm parents and kiddos. Are you ready to flip the page for the ultimate celebration of imagination and storytelling? Children’s Picture Book Day is around the corner and will be coming up on April 2nd. It’s a wonderful time to develop a child’s love for reading. Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area would like to celebrate this special day by shining a spotlight on the libraries that help spread the love for reading in our local communities.

Visiting your local library in your community opens the door to a world of imagination and discovery. From classic tales to modern adventures, libraries house a wide collection of picture books that children are interested in, offering an opportunity to explore a variety of treasures in children's literature. You can visit this link: to see what is happening at your local library.

Beyond the books, libraries host many events and programs to help children with their reading abilities. From storytelling sessions to hands-on craft workshops inspired by beloved characters, these activities allow children to participate and stay engaged with books in creative ways.

Whether it’s a cozy Storytime in the children’s section or easygoing browsing of the shelves for a new favorite, the library offers a warm and inviting space where children can enjoy the enrichment of storytelling.

For more helpful book resources, open the page to Books Beginning at Birth:, where you can access free book resources for your young reader and start a lifelong love for reading.

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