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Seeking Eligible Candidates for Immediate Hire

Brian Hernandez
Sep 10, 2020
Posted by: Brian Hernandez

Seeking Eligible Candidates for Immediate Hire

We are looking for participants to join the National Dislocated Worker Grant Program (NDWG). Through this program you will have access to job opportunities with employers that are working to minimize the impact of COVID-19 in your community.

You can qualify if you are:

  • Receiving unemployment benefits due to being temporarily or permanently laid off, or having drastically reduced hours at work
  • A long-term unemployed worker

Additional benefits for participating in program:

  • Individualized career counseling, job search assistance, and
    support assistance for work related expenses
  • Job skills workshops, career assessments, and career
  • Opportunities to enroll in training or certification programs
    for some of the most highly sought occupations

*Must show proof of age, authorization to work, and selective service registry*

Contact your Rural Capital Area NDWG representative today!

Carole Jordan

512-303-3916 ext. 2032

Miguel Cooper

512-392-1291 ext. 3030

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