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Week of the Young Child: Celebrating Children and Early Learning in Our Communities

Kristin Wise
Apr 10, 2024
Posted by: Kristin Wise

Week of the Young Child: Celebrating Children and Early Learning in Our Communities

The Week of the Young Child (WOYC) is a special time to recognize the importance of early childhood education and how it plays an important role in shaping our children's future.  Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area is excited to highlight this special annual event that celebrates the children in our communities. We would also like to take this time to spotlight our valuable early learning partners.

Danushi Fernando, the Director of Montessori of University Village, explains how she folds this event into the school's curriculum. 

“For the Week of the Young Child in our classrooms, the teachers are embracing the independence of each child. So, as part of the Montessori curriculum, we are huge on giving the children the independence they need, guiding them, and giving them the freedom to grow at their own pace, said Fernando.”

The Week of Young Child focuses on highlighting young children's and their families' needs and recognizing our valuable early learning schools that serve and meet those needs. Fernando explains, “The teachers have come up with some activities to help the children in their overall development. These activities entail gardening, making healthy snacks and building bird feeders.”

You can join the celebration by gardening and building bird feeders. Follow these links that feature videos by PBS Learning Media on how to create your own birdhouse and garden with your kids:,

Amy Payne, the Director of Mrs. Amy’s Adventures, is celebrating the event at her early learning center with the support of her community.

“The teachers and the children will be decorating the WYOC letters for the Week for the Young Child. They will display them in their offices and allow families to sign and add what they love about their children's opportunities in their communities,” said Payne.

During this week, communities worldwide come together to recognize the vital role that early learning plays in shaping the lives of young children and the future of our society.

Payne emphasizes, “I really like the idea of advocating for resources in our community; Liberty Hill is growing exponentially right now. We are actually working on an expansion to provide more child care slots for jobs and parents in our community who are passionate about child care. So, I thought this was a great way to incorporate kids and families to bring attention to our city officials.”

The Week of the Young Child focuses on giving high-quality early learning experiences to all children, laying the foundation for their success in school and beyond.

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