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Wesleyan in Georgetown: A Vital Partner in Nurturing Tomorrow’s Nurses

Apr 17, 2024
Posted by: WSRCA Team

Wesleyan in Georgetown: A Vital Partner in Nurturing Tomorrow’s Nurses

This week's Employer Partnership Nomination goes to The Wesleyan, nominated by Georgetown (ISD).

This week, our spotlight falls on Wesleyan in Georgetown, a key partner of Georgetown Independent School District (ISD), where the focus lies on nurturing future nurses through innovative educational initiatives. Central to this partnership is the Nursing Science Program of Study, with a special emphasis on the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) certification. By aligning their curriculum with Georgetown ISD's needs, Wesleyan ensures that students not only receive comprehensive theoretical education but also practical training that prepares them for the rigors of the healthcare profession.

One of the defining features of this partnership is the active involvement of Wesleyan's staff within the school community. Their regular presence in Georgetown's schools allows them to collaborate closely with teachers, offering students invaluable firsthand knowledge and timely skill instruction in fully-equipped lab facilities. Bretton Schulz, CTE Director for Georgetown ISD, acknowledges the pivotal role Wesleyan plays in the success of their CNA program, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between the two institutions.

Through this dynamic partnership, Wesleyan goes beyond traditional classroom learning by offering a variety of Work-Based Learning opportunities to students. From guest speaking engagements to immersive internships and mock interviews, students are provided with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry. This holistic approach not only equips them with the necessary skills but also instills in them the confidence and resilience needed to excel in their future careers as compassionate and competent healthcare professionals.

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Written by: Heather Thomas

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