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Deloitte: Empowering Tomorrow’s Financial Leaders in Round Rock ISD

Apr 26, 2024
Posted by: WSRCA Team

Deloitte: Empowering Tomorrow’s Financial Leaders in Round Rock ISD

This week's Employer Partnership Nomination goes to Deloitte, nominated by Round Rock ISD.

This week, Round Rock ISD shines a spotlight on Deloitte, a global professional services firm renowned for its expertise in audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services. Through a strategic partnership with the district, Deloitte has become an invaluable ally in shaping the future of business education within Round Rock's high schools. Specifically, Deloitte has collaborated with the Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance program of study, as well as with Money Matters and Accounting classes across multiple campuses.

Deloitte's commitment to education manifests in various forms, including providing tax associates to engage with students directly in finance classes. By bringing real-world expertise into the classroom, Deloitte enriches students' learning experiences and offers valuable insights into the complexities of financial management and taxation. Furthermore, the firm has gone above and beyond by organizing a two-day workshop hosted at their downtown offices, catering to up to 50 students keen on pursuing careers in Accounting.

During these immersive sessions, students are not only introduced to the intricacies of accounting but also receive guidance on personal branding and financial literacy—essential skills that transcend the classroom and are vital for success in the professional world. Deloitte's dedication to nurturing the next generation of financial leaders is evident in their hands-on approach and commitment to providing students with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their future careers. As Round Rock ISD continues to foster partnerships that enrich student learning and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow's workforce, Deloitte stands out as a beacon of inspiration and support.

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Written by: Heather Thomas

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