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Fostering Futures: Round Rock Chamber’s Impact on Workforce Development

Apr 12, 2024
Posted by: WSRCA Team

Fostering Futures: Round Rock Chamber’s Impact on Workforce Development

This week's Employer Partnership Nomination goes to the Round Rock Chamber, nominated by Round Rock ISD.

This week, we shine the spotlight on Zach Scott, the Director of Workforce and Industry Development for the Round Rock Chamber, who has been instrumental in bridging the gap between education and industry. Round Rock's Assistant Director of Career and Technical Education commends Scott's tireless efforts in supporting Round Rock ISD's diverse array of programs, ranging from Business and Public Services to Health Science and STEM. In a rapidly evolving job market, the need for strong employer partnerships is paramount, and the Round Rock Chamber has been a cornerstone in this endeavor.

Round Rock ISD's programs of study thrive on the support of dedicated employer partners, and the Round Rock Chamber's contributions have been invaluable. From facilitating business contacts across various industries to arranging teacher externships that connect educators with relevant business partners, the Chamber plays a pivotal role in enriching the learning experiences of students. Moreover, their provision of guest speakers, volunteers, and opportunities for teacher and student tours further underscores their commitment to nurturing the next generation of professionals.

Round Rock ISD expresses its utmost gratitude to the Round Rock Chamber for their unwavering support and invaluable contributions to workforce development. The Chamber's dedication to fostering meaningful connections between education and industry not only enhances the educational experience but also equips students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to succeed in today's dynamic workforce. As we celebrate Zach Scott and the Round Rock Chamber, we recognize their profound impact on shaping the future of our community.

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Written by: Heather Thomas 

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