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Helping Your Kids Set Goals

Kristin Wise
Jan 24, 2024
Posted by: Kristin Wise

Helping Your Kids Set Goals

Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area wishes everyone in our communities a Happy 2024! As we gear up for another awesome year, let’s talk to our little superstars about goals!

A fun learning and bonding experience for you and your child is to ask about their wildest dreams and things they are interested in doing! Whether mastering a new hobby or sport or making new friends, understanding their passions sets the stage for powerful goals and planning strategies to reach them!

While you are sharing, it’s a great time to plan some goals together as a family. A weekly game night or monthly bike rides together on the weekend in a local park are fun ideas for the family to aspire to make a routine. The journey becomes a memorable adventure for everyone when the whole family is a part of planning, strategizing and reaching those goals.

Tips for planning and managing expectations for those goals to keep them on track and motivated: here are some questions to ask the child:

  • Help the child think thoughtfully about goals they create for themselves and keep them realistic.
  • Identifying if they are short-term or long-term goals to identify the timeline.
  • Determine the steps, timeline and checkpoints needed to achieve those goals and steps for those times when challenges are presented that may delay success and require adjustments to the plan.
  • Determine how to celebrate the successes and even the challenges throughout the process, focusing on what it took to reach success and how challenges were overcome.
  • Finally, decide on a celebration of achieving the goal, even if it changes!

Have fun with the important adventure and family activity in goal setting to inspire greatness, create memories, conquer challenges and flaunt those epic wins!

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