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Take Your Kid to Library Day

Kristin Wise
Jan 24, 2024
Posted by: Kristin Wise

Take Your Kid to Library Day

Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area would like to celebrate the libraries in our communities and inspire the next generation of readers.

A fun way to introduce the library to your little one or family is to plan a trip to explore and experience the wonder of the library experience with all the activities, books and reference areas it has to offer. This is a wonderful time to share your experiences at the library with your children and encourage a love of reading.

While visiting your local library or libraries you come across as you are traveling:

  • Explore the library’s kid-friendly sections together.
  • Look for and share your favorite childhood books with them and have them share theirs.
  • Look for the calendar of the library’s activities for children to enjoy story times, arts and crafts, special guest readers, etc.
  • Continue the fun through conversation on your ride home, discussing all the exciting things you saw, read, and experienced together, and plan for your next reading adventure!

Take Your Kid to the Library Day is more than just an outing – it is a treasure chest of imagination and adventure through activities and reading. Plan your next adventure by turning the page to an educational experience at the library.

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